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Explore exciting career opportunities with Armed Forces Institute of Pathology AFIP Rawalpindi. Apply for various medical positions before the December 5, 2023 closing date. Read the detailed ad in the daily Nation Newspaper for application guidelines.

Are you a medical professional looking for career advancement? Armed Forces Institute of Pathology AFIP Rawalpindi, Punjab Pakistan, has announced job opportunities for chemical pathology trainee, postgraduate trainee, histopathology trainee, virology trainee, nuclear medicine trainee, microbiology trainee, immunology trainee, civil FCPS II trainee, and haematology trainee. This article provides a comprehensive guide on how to apply and what to expect.

Armed Forces Institute of Pathology AFIP Rawalpindi Career Opportunities

Application Process

Learn how to apply for the latest government jobs in medical and departments at AFIP Rawalpindi. The application deadline is December 5, 2023, as mentioned in the November 8, 2023, daily Nation Newspaper advertisement.

Eligibility Criteria

Discover the preferred educational qualifications, including MPhil, PG Diploma, and MBBS, for the various positions. Understand the eligibility criteria to enhance your chances of success.

Available Positions

Explore the diverse positions offered, from chemical pathology to haematology. Find the role that aligns with your expertise and aspirations. AFIP Rawalpindi caters to a range of medical specializations.

Advantages of Joining AFIP Rawalpindi

Uncover the benefits and advantages of working at AFIP Rawalpindi. From professional growth opportunities to a supportive work environment, learn why this could be the next step in your career.

Applying for Armed Forces Institute of Pathology AFIP Rawalpindi Jobs

Online Application Process

Get insights into the online application process. Follow a step-by-step guide to ensure a smooth and successful application.

Document Submission

Understand the required documents for submission and how to prepare a compelling application. Maximize your chances of standing out among the applicants.

Interview Tips

Prepare for success by exploring valuable interview tips. Learn about the commonly asked questions and how to present your skills effectively.

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Q: What are the educational qualifications required for these positions?

A: Educational qualifications include MPhil, PG Diploma, MBBS, and other relevant degrees as mentioned in the advertisement.

Q: When is the closing date for applications?

A: The closing date is December 5, 2023, or as per the newspaper ad. Ensure timely submission of your application.

Q: Can I apply if I have a different specialization than those mentioned?

A: The advertised positions cover various specializations. Check the ad to find a suitable match for your expertise.

Q: Are there any age restrictions for applying?

A: The advertisement should specify any age restrictions. Ensure you meet all criteria before applying.

Q: How can I stay updated on future job opportunities at AFIP Rawalpindi?

A: Regularly check the official website and local newspapers for announcements. AFIP Rawalpindi may also use other platforms for job postings.

Q: Is prior experience required for these positions?

A: Check the specific requirements in the advertisement. While experience may be preferred, some positions may be open to fresh graduates.


Armed Forces Institute of Pathology AFIP Rawalpindi offers a gateway to exciting career opportunities in the medical field. Act now to secure your chance by applying before the December 5, 2023 deadline. For more details, refer to the complete ad online and take the first step toward a rewarding career.

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