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Explore the latest job opportunities in Peshawar with Factory’s advertised positions in the daily Mashriq dated 20 November 2023. Vacancies include HR Assistant and Admin Assistant roles, with educational qualifications ranging from Intermediate to Bachelor and B.E. Apply by 30 December 2023 and unlock a new career path in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, Pakistan.

Embarking on a career journey? Factory is currently seeking applications for job positions in Peshawar, as advertised in the daily Mashriq on 20 November 2023. This detailed guide provides insights into the vacancies for HR Assistant and Admin Assistant, their educational qualifications, and the application process. Let’s delve into the opportunities that await you.

Factory Job Vacancies in Peshawar

HR Assistant

Unlocking Growth Opportunities

In this section, we’ll explore the role of an HR Assistant at Factory, focusing on the responsibilities and growth prospects associated with the position. Dive into a world of professional development and meaningful work.

Admin Assistant

Efficiency in Every Detail

Discover the dynamic responsibilities of an Admin Assistant at Factory. From organizational prowess to effective communication, this role plays a crucial part in the seamless functioning of the workplace.

Educational Qualifications

Intermediate, Bachelor, and B.E – Your Path to Success

Explore the educational qualifications required for the advertised positions. Whether you hold an Intermediate certificate, a Bachelor’s degree, or a B.E qualification, Factory welcomes diverse educational backgrounds to foster a rich and inclusive work environment.

Application Process

Applying for Factory Job Opportunities

Navigate through the step-by-step process of applying for job opportunities at Factory. From understanding the ad details to submitting your application by 30 December 2023, this section ensures you are well-prepared to seize the opportunity.

Closing Dates and Important Information

Mark Your Calendar: 30 December 2023

Time is of the essence. Learn about the closing date for applications and other crucial information to ensure you don’t miss out on the chance to join Factory in Peshawar.

Personal Experiences

Thriving at Factory: Real Stories

Gain insights from individuals who have experienced the work culture at Factory firsthand. Understand the dynamics, challenges, and rewards that come with being part of this thriving organization.

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Q: How can I apply for the HR Assistant position?

A: To apply for the HR Assistant position, follow the instructions outlined in the job advertisement. Ensure you submit all required documents by the specified deadline.

Q: What educational qualifications are accepted for the Admin Assistant role?

A: The Admin Assistant role at Factory accepts candidates with Intermediate, Bachelor, and B.E qualifications. Review the ad for specific details on educational requirements.

Q: Is there flexibility in the application deadline?

A: The application deadline for Factory job opportunities is fixed, with submissions accepted until 30 December 2023. Ensure your application is submitted by this date for consideration.

Q: Can I apply for both HR Assistant and Admin Assistant positions simultaneously?

A: Yes, candidates are welcome to apply for both HR Assistant and Admin Assistant positions. Be sure to tailor your application to highlight relevant skills for each role.

Q: Are there any additional documents required besides educational certificates?

A: The specific documents required for application are outlined in the job advertisement. Be thorough in preparing your application package to ensure compliance with Factory’s requirements.


Seize the opportunity to join Factory in Peshawar by applying for the advertised positions before the closing date on 30 December 2023. Tailor your application to showcase your skills and educational qualifications, and get ready to embark on a rewarding career journey.

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