Latest National Database & Registration Authority NADRA Management Posts Islamabad 2023

Discover the latest job opportunities in Islamabad, Pakistan, with the National Database & Registration Authority NADRA. Get insights into positions like software analyst, SOC engineer, penetration tester, application security analyst, SOC LII analyst, SOC LI analyst, and SOC LIII analyst. Learn how to apply and find out more about the closing date.

In today’s competitive job market, landing a role with the National Database & Registration Authority (NADRA) can be a significant career breakthrough. NADRA invites applications for various job positions advertised in the daily Dawn newspaper dated 3 November 2023. This article will provide you with comprehensive information on the job vacancies available in Islamabad, Pakistan. From software analysts to SOC engineers, penetration testers to application security analysts, and SOC LII, LI, and LIII analysts, NADRA offers a range of exciting career opportunities for candidates with diverse educational backgrounds.

National Database & Registration Authority (NADRA)

NADRA is the backbone of Pakistan’s national identity infrastructure. It provides computerized national identity cards (CNICs) and various other identity documentation services. Apart from its primary functions, NADRA is also an excellent employer offering diverse job positions for qualified individuals.

Software Analyst

Are you passionate about software development and analysis? NADRA has an opening for a software analyst. This role involves designing, coding, testing, and maintaining software systems. As a software analyst at NADRA, you’ll contribute to the development of essential tools and applications that support the organization’s mission.

SOC Engineer

A Security Operations Center (SOC) Engineer is a crucial part of NADRA’s cybersecurity team. SOC engineers play a vital role in monitoring and responding to security threats and incidents. If you have a strong background in cybersecurity and a passion for safeguarding data, this position is worth considering.

Penetration Tester

Penetration testers are the ethical hackers of NADRA. Their job is to identify vulnerabilities in the organization’s systems and networks before malicious actors can exploit them. If you enjoy the thrill of uncovering security weaknesses and enhancing an organization’s defenses, this role might be your perfect fit.

Application Security Analyst

The application security analyst is responsible for ensuring the safety of NADRA’s software applications. They conduct security assessments, identify vulnerabilities, and recommend protective measures. If you have a keen eye for detail and a passion for secure software, this position could be your ideal career choice.

SOC LII, LI, and LIII Analyst

NADRA offers multiple levels of SOC analysts: SOC LII, LI, and LIII. These roles involve various degrees of expertise in monitoring and responding to security incidents. Whether you’re an experienced professional or just starting in the field, NADRA has opportunities tailored to your skills and experience.


One of the best things about NADRA job openings is their inclusivity. Candidates with Bachelor’s, Master’s, or other qualifications can apply, making it accessible to a wide range of individuals. Regardless of your educational background, NADRA values your potential and skills.

Application Deadline

It’s crucial to act swiftly when applying for NADRA job positions. The closing date for these job opportunities is around November 10, 2023. To confirm the exact deadline and to apply, please refer to the official advertisement in the daily Dawn newspaper or visit the NADRA website.

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1. How do I apply for a job at NADRA?

To apply for a job at NADRA, visit their official website or follow the instructions provided in the advertisement in the daily Dawn newspaper. Ensure that you meet the eligibility criteria before applying.

2. What educational qualifications are required for these positions?

NADRA welcomes applicants with various educational backgrounds, including Bachelor’s and Master’s degrees. The specific qualifications may vary depending on the job position.

3. When is the closing date for applications?

The closing date for NADRA job applications is expected to be around November 10, 2023. However, it’s essential to check the exact deadline in the official advertisement.

4. Are these positions open to fresh graduates?

Yes, NADRA offers positions suitable for both experienced professionals and fresh graduates. Look for job listings that match your skills and experience level.

5. Is there room for career growth at NADRA?

NADRA values career development and growth. Once you join the organization, there are opportunities to advance your career through training and experience.

6. What is the working environment like at NADRA?

NADRA provides a professional and collaborative working environment. Employees work together to fulfill the organization’s mission of providing secure identity solutions.


The National Database & Registration Authority (NADRA) invites applications for various job positions in Islamabad, Pakistan. Whether you’re a software enthusiast, a cybersecurity expert, or someone passionate about securing software applications, NADRA has exciting opportunities waiting for you. The application deadline is around November 10, 2023, so don’t miss your chance to embark on a fulfilling career with NADRA.

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