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New Gondal Manpower Bureau, based in Abu Dhabi and Sharjah, has recently announced exciting job opportunities for individuals seeking employment in the field of Human Resources and Overseas jobs. The advertisement, published on November 18, 2023, in the daily Express Newspaper, has sparked interest among potential candidates.

Overview of New Gondal Manpower Bureau Job Opportunities

The job openings encompass positions such as heavy bus driver, general helper, factory worker, and driver. The Bureau is actively seeking applications from eligible candidates who possess the required skills and qualifications. This article aims to provide a comprehensive guide for those interested in applying for these positions.

Importance of Skills: English (UK), Driving, and General Labor

To enhance your chances of success in securing a position at New Gondal Manpower Bureau, it is crucial to develop and showcase skills in English (UK), Driving, and General Labor. These skills not only make you a more competitive candidate but also increase your confidence when applying for these job opportunities.

Application Process

Understanding the application process is vital for anyone aspiring to join New Gondal Manpower Bureau. The closing date for applications is around November 21, 2023. To find the exact details, refer to the advertisement in the daily Express Newspaper or visit the official website of the Bureau.

How to Apply for Advertised Positions Online

To streamline the application process, interested candidates can apply for the advertised positions online. The Bureau’s website provides detailed instructions on the application procedure, ensuring a smooth and efficient submission.

Required Educational Background

New Gondal Manpower Bureau expresses a preference for candidates with a Matric and Intermediate educational background. This emphasis on education underscores the Bureau’s commitment to hiring individuals with a strong educational foundation.

Job Positions

The Bureau is offering various positions, each with its own set of responsibilities and requirements.

Heavy Bus Driver

The role of a heavy bus driver at New Gondal Manpower Bureau involves transporting personnel to and from designated locations. Candidates applying for this position should possess a valid driver’s license and demonstrate proficiency in driving heavy vehicles.

General Helper

As a general helper, individuals will be responsible for providing assistance across different tasks within the organization. This role requires a versatile skill set and a proactive attitude.

Factory Worker

Factory workers play a crucial role in the production process. Candidates applying for this position should be prepared for hands-on work and adhere to safety guidelines within the factory environment.


Apart from heavy bus drivers, New Gondal Manpower Bureau is also seeking candidates for general driver positions. This role may involve transporting goods or individuals and requires a valid driver’s license.

Salary and Benefits

Understanding the compensation and benefits package is essential when considering employment opportunities.

Salary Variations and Overtime Earnings

The salary for these positions varies and starts from 202,000. Candidates can also earn extra income through overtime, providing an opportunity to enhance their overall earnings.

Employer-Provided Medical, Accommodation, and Transport Facilities

New Gondal Manpower Bureau values the well-being of its employees and offers comprehensive benefits, including medical coverage, accommodation assistance, and transport facilities. These perks contribute to a positive and supportive working environment.

Skills Development

To boost your chances of success in securing a position at New Gondal Manpower Bureau, consider investing in skill development.

Learn English (UK), Driving, and General Labor Skills Today

Candidates are encouraged to acquire or refine their English (UK), Driving, and General Labor skills. These skills not only make you a more appealing candidate but also empower you in your professional journey.

Personal Experiences

To provide a more authentic perspective, let’s delve into personal experiences related to New Gondal Manpower Bureau.

Real-Life Insights and Experiences

Individuals who have successfully navigated the application process at New Gondal Manpower Bureau share their insights and experiences. These stories offer a firsthand look at the opportunities and challenges associated with pursuing a career at the Bureau.

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Can I apply for multiple positions simultaneously?

Yes, candidates can apply for multiple positions based on their qualifications and interests.

Is there a specific age limit for applying?

The job opportunities at New Gondal Manpower Bureau are open to candidates of various age groups. The focus is on qualifications and skills rather than age.

How can I check the exact closing date for applications?

To find the exact closing date, refer to the advertisement in the daily Express Newspaper or visit the official website of New Gondal Manpower Bureau.

Are there training opportunities provided?

New Gondal Manpower Bureau may offer training opportunities for selected candidates to enhance their skills and capabilities.

Can I apply if I don’t have a Matric or Intermediate education?

While preference is given to candidates with Matric and Intermediate education, individuals without these qualifications are still encouraged to apply based on their other skills and experiences.


In conclusion, the job opportunities presented by New Gondal Manpower Bureau in Abu Dhabi and Sharjah are promising for individuals seeking career growth in Human Resources and Overseas jobs. By understanding the application process, required qualifications, and the benefits offered, candidates can confidently pursue these opportunities. Remember to showcase your skills, invest in personal development, and stay informed about the Bureau’s latest job opportunities.

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