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The UAE job market is buzzing with excitement as the New Gondal Manpower Bureau announces a myriad of vacant positions, ranging from bus drivers to factory workers. This golden opportunity, advertised in the daily Express Newspaper on November 23, 2023, offers a chance for career growth and personal development. In this article, we’ll delve into the details of these vacancies, the application process, and the skills required to seize these opportunities.

Vacant Posts Overview

Explore the diverse array of job openings in New Gondal Manpower Bureau, Sharjah, and Abu Dhabi. Discover why positions like bus driver, driver, heavy bus driver, general helper, and factory worker are in demand. Uncover the educational preferences, with a focus on candidates with Intermediate and Matric qualifications.

Application Process

Navigate the closing date, set for November 25, 2023, and decipher the exact details from the ad. Learn how to apply for these positions by reading the complete advertisement online. Gain insights into the preferred qualifications and discover tips to confidently showcase your skills in driving and manufacturing.

Salary and Benefits

Delve into the enticing details of the job package, with salaries starting from 202,000 AED. Explore the possibility of overtime and the additional perks provided by the employer, including transport, medical facilities, and accommodation. Uncover the reasons why New Gondal Manpower Bureau stands out as an employer of choice.

Skills Enhancement

Embark on a journey of self-improvement by acquiring skills in driving and manufacturing. Understand the importance of staying relevant in the job market and learn how these skills can boost your confidence in applying for positions at New Gondal Manpower Bureau.

Insights from Industry Experts

Gain valuable insights from industry experts who shed light on the significance of these job opportunities. Understand the current trends in manufacturing and driving sectors and how they align with the vacancies at New Gondal Manpower Bureau.

Vacancies for Intermediate and Matric Candidates

An in-depth look at why candidates with Intermediate and Matric qualifications are preferred for these positions. Uncover the reasoning behind this preference and how it can impact your chances of securing a position.

Deadline Approaches: Apply Now!

As the closing date of November 25, 2023, approaches, the urgency to apply becomes evident. Learn about the exact closing details from the ad and take the necessary steps to submit your application on time.

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How do I apply for the vacant positions?

Visit the New Gondal Manpower Bureau website and follow the instructions provided in the online ad to submit your application confidently.

What educational qualifications are preferred?

Candidates with Intermediate and Matric qualifications are preferred for these positions.

Is overtime allowed, and what are the salary details?

Overtime might be allowed, and salaries start from 202,000 AED, making these positions financially rewarding.

What facilities does the employer provide?

The employer offers transport, medical facilities, and accommodation, ensuring a comfortable work environment for employees.

Can I apply without prior experience in driving or manufacturing?

While experience is beneficial, the article emphasizes the importance of learning and acquiring relevant skills to confidently apply for these positions.


In conclusion, the vacant posts in New Gondal Manpower Bureau present a golden opportunity for individuals seeking diverse job opportunities in the UAE. By understanding the application process, preferred qualifications, and the benefits offered, you can confidently apply for these positions and kickstart a rewarding career.

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